B&B L'Albero di Antonia

  • Welcome in Abruzzo

    Bed and Breakfast L'Albero di Antonia

  • A delicious breakfast..

    Bed and Breakfast L'Albero di Antonia

  • In a magic atmosphere..

    Bed and Breakfast L'Albero di Antonia

  • From the sea..

    Bed and Breakfast L'Albero di Antonia

  • To the mountains..

    Bed and Breakfast L'Albero di Antonia

  • Everything becomes sweeter!

    Bed and Breakfast L'Albero di Antonia

Just two minutes from the historic art city of Atri, the B&B Antonia is many things: a great movie, a small bed and breakfast all colored, is an old woman but above all a place where scents, color and family hospitality, will give you a relaxing stay... we are waiting...

"And at the moment when it all ends, nothing ends..."

from "Antonia’s line" by Marleen Gorris, 1995 Academy Award for Best Foreign Film

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5 reasons to visit our region.

Visit Abruzzo to immerse yourself in a land of generous, strong and big-hearted people. The region is referred to as the “Green Heart of Europe” with 30% of its territory dedicated to parks and nature reserves. Escape to a place where ancient villages, monasteries, abbeys, castles and impregnable fortresses allow you to step back in time. Fall in love with the startling blue sea, where umbrella dotted beaches, beautiful bays and coves beckon. Cultural and religious events abound. Experience the Feast of Serpari Cocullo with the traditional running of the Madonna in Sulmona. Millennia of folklore and tradition all converge to the amazement of visitors. Because food is always the focus, you can feast on the local delicacies of the surrounding verdant countryside, lush mountains or the bountiful sea. And don’t forget the wine! Whether sipping Trebbiano or the noble Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, you’re sure to find something to excite your taste buds.


A short 30 kilometers away find yourself 2,912 metres above sea level in the majestic Apennine mountain range at its highest peak, Gran Sasso. Offering endless views, a variety of activities including hiking, biking, horseback riding, skiing, snowshoeing, sled dog rides and more, be sure to bring your gear….running shoes, hiking boots, mountain bike, motorcycle, off-road vehicle, kayak, canoe, windsurf………the possibilities in this region are only limited by your imagination.